Swiss population longs for live events

87.5 percent of the Swiss population prefer live events to digital ones, even after the long, Corona-related event abstinence. However, the average would be willing to pay up to half the normal admission price for online versions.

Schweizer Bevölkerung sehnt sich nach Live-Events

57.8 percent of respondents believe that digital events - for example via streaming or virtual reality - cannot replace on-site events. This is the result of the study "Events Switzerland 2021" by the Zurich University of Applied Sciences ZHAW.

The older, the better live

Those aged 45 to 59 would least like to do without live experiences: 90.9 percent of them consider the on-site event experience important or very important. This is 3.4 percentage points above the average for all age groups.

The openness to digital event formats increases with age: 88.8 percent of 30 to 44 year-olds consider being present on site important or very important, while only 85 percent of 16 to 29 year-olds still do.

Concerts and sports rather not online

The fact that the value of digital events is nevertheless rated relatively highly can be seen from the willingness to pay for them: The respondents would dig deepest into their pockets for online versions of theater performances: 53.2 percent of the normal price would be worth it to the average consumer.

At the other end of the scale are concerts, the digital version of which is only worth 37.7 percent of the live price to the respondents on average. Online sporting events are likely to cost just more, namely 37.9 percent of the normal ticket price. A reduction to 38.8 percent would be appropriate for musicals.

Clear age preference only for opera

In terms of the affinity of the different age groups for certain types of events, the survey showed a surprising balance. A clear swing only presented itself in the category of opera: on a scale of 1 (weak affinity) to 5 (strong affinity), the over-60s gave opera an average of 4.33, with an overall average of 3.53. The 30-44 year olds enjoy opera the least, with an affinity of 3.42.

Concerts are the most popular with an average affinity of 3.85, followed by music festivals (3.76), sporting events (3.64), opera (3.53), musicals (3.51), theatre (3.4) and, bringing up the rear, trade fairs (3.16). (SDA)

The Study is based on a representative nationwide online survey in which around 1000 people took part in January 2021. It was conducted by the Institute for Marketing Management and the Center for Cultural Management at the ZHAW School of Management and Law.

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