Branders realizes the Sanitas Health Forecast 2021

For the second time, the Sanitas Health Forecast offers a glimpse into the world of health in the future. Branders designed and implemented the Health Forecast 2021 published by the health insurance company.

(Pictures: Nico Schaerer)

Health cannot be taken for granted - it needs attention, mindfulness and initiative. The Covid 19 pandemic has just shown us how fragile health is, what challenges the healthcare system has to face and how quickly we can lose our freedoms. At the same time, our understanding of health is becoming more holistic, and our health knowledge is growing. So we feel more and more secure in the cockpit of our organism. What does this mean for our health in the future?

The health insurance company Sanitas wants to provide answers to these and many other questions and share its knowledge of the future of healthcare with the Swiss population. To this end, it is breaking new ground with the annual Sanitas Health Forecast.

The Sanitas Health Forecast is conceived, produced and designed by the Zurich-based creative consultancy Branders. Branders leads an interdisciplinary editorial team consisting of 40 journalists, illustrators, photographers and artists, as well as the Wörterseh publishing house.

On over 400 pages, the publication highlights the biggest international health trends - and does so in the most holistic way possible. Reports, interviews with experts, self-experiments, essays, portraits of those affected and tips for everyday health help us learn today how to live as healthy as possible for as long as possible.

The publication combines facts and scientific findings with personal stories and study insights. Available this year in both hard and soft cover in bookstores and on newsstands, it is a hybrid of magazine and book that you can flip through again and again and discover something new. In-depth reports and interviews alternate with short, entertaining facts and tips for everyday health.

Promoting health optimism

The advertising for the Sanitas Health Forecast focuses strongly on the title of this year's edition: the new optimism about health. This is also conveyed with the help of the motif by Malaysian-Chinese photographer Zhong Lin, which adorns the cover and is also used as a key visual. The campaign focuses on (D)OOH locations in the vicinity of bookstores and kiosks, while digital ads and social ads target potentially interested viewers in relevant contexts.

The "Sanitas Health Forecast" podcast provides in-depth coverage of the topics addressed in the publication. Moderated by Frank Baumann, it features in-depth discussions with experts from the fields of medicine, science and research, as well as with people who have their finger on the pulse of health trends.

The Sanitas Health Forecast is published annually and is available for approximately CHF 18 at newsstands and bookstores and can be ordered online at

Responsible at Sanitas: Kaspar Trachsel, Valentin Hüsser (project management). Responsible at Branders (concept, editorial management, design and implementation): René Allemann (Editor-in-Chief & Creative Direction), Marisa Güntlisberger, Oliver Schmuki (Deputy Editor-in-Chief), Philippe Knupp ("Sanitas Health Forecast" study), Palma Manco, Micha Kumpf, Anita Hsieh (Design), Sarah Egger, Thea Ferretti, Saskia Schick (Production), Walter Tagliaferri, Patrik Bockhacker (Marketing). Responsible at Wörterseh (publisher): Gabriella Baumann-von Arx (Publishing Director). Journalists: Lisa Auffenberg, Jessica Braun, Claudia Doyle, Yvonne Eisenring, Mauro Guarise, Julia Heim, Leoni Hof, Christina Hubbeling, Mark van Huisseling, Janina Jetten, Richard Kägi, Barbara Kallenberg, Reinhard Keck, Andrea Keller, Jenny Keller, Seraina Kobler, Susanna Koeberle, Pauline Krätzig, Henriette Kuhrt, Claudia Landolt, Sarah Lau, Anna Miller, Vanessa Sadecky, Barbara Schmutz, Stefan Schweiger, Claudia Senn, Laurina Waltersperger, Felicitas Witte. Illustrations: Pia Bublies, Andreas Samuelsson. ArtistsCornelia Gann, Sarah Illenberger, Zhong Lin, Lina Scheynius. PhotographyGian Marco Castelberg, Mirjam Kluka, Ariane Pochon, Nico Schaerer, Florian Sommet. Editing: Text control. Print: Printing house Odermatt. Media Agency: Mediaschneider. Digital production campaign: Webrepublic.

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