Mona and Mateo for BKB: A thank you as big as a field of flowers

The Basler Kantonalbank thanks the customers of the BKB investment solution with a creative mailing. Mona und Mateo is responsible for the concept and implementation.

Being with a bank you can rely on even in unusual times pays off. Basler Kantonalbank is pleased to have a satisfied clientele and appreciates their trust. BKB would therefore like to thank customers who have been with us from the very beginning with a bouquet of fresh flowers - for them to pick themselves. Finally, it is still important to comply with the hygiene measures.

The mailing developed by Mona and Mateo invites recipients to take a trip to a flower field. In the open air and among colorful blossoms, the floral voucher can be transformed into a fresh bouquet of flowers here.

The mailing has been in use since mid-June.

Responsible at Basler Kantonalbank: Mathias von Wartburg, Markus Wittenbecher, Sibylle Stutz. Responsible with Mona and Mateo: Nicole Waldis, Lesley Ryffel, Mona Fluri, Mateo Sacchetti.

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