Eyeloveyou realizes digital exhibition "Extraordinary" for the Customs Museum

With "Ausser-ordentlich", the Customs Museum makes the work of Swiss Customs during the Corona pandemic visible and accessible from anywhere in a digital exhibition. Eyeloveyou is responsible for the implementation.

When systematic border controls were introduced in March 2020, things got rolling for the Federal Customs Administration (FCA). For the team, it was clear: this extraordinary effort should be documented. Thus, the Customs Museum, as an institution that conveys historical topics, became the chronicler of a rapidly changing present.

Digital exhibition

The developments, which were difficult to assess, necessitated an exhibition format that could be flexibly expanded and accessed online. The exhibition designed and implemented by Eyeloveyou One-pager in the colors of the crisis communication of the Federal Office of Public Health FOPH gathers background information and eyewitness accounts in the form of text, images and video.

Mobile elements from customs everyday life

In order to anchor the digital exhibition in real, physical space as well, Eyeloveyou has created various elements. In addition to the design of the exhibition space in the Customs Museum, these include barrier tape and triopanes. In the future, they will be used on a mobile basis at events of the Federal Customs Administration throughout Switzerland and - combined with a smartphone - serve as entry gates to the "out-of-this-world" Customs Museum.

Screen recording of the digital exhibition "Ausser-ordentlich" of the Swiss Customs Museum.

Interview with Luca Ferarra, one of the first FCA employees to contract Covid-19.

Responsible at the Federal Customs Administration FCA: Maria Moser (Head of Swiss Customs Museum), Caroline Wälti (Head of Communications). Responsible at eyeloveyou: Christoph Merkt (concept, creation), Carole Ackermann (concept, project consulting), Stevie Fiedler (concept), Martin Sautter (production), Simon Rüegg (production), Sukoa! (programming).

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