"Cheibe Zürcher" shows 59 portraits from the district 4

m&k/Werbewoche editor Christoph Soltmannowski, together with his studio colleague Nicolas Yves Aebi, launched the "Cheibe Zürcher" project. The result is a film portrait in which 59 people tell their stories about Zurich's Stadtkreis 4.

"Cheibe Zürcher" will run from Thursday at the Roland cinema on Langstrasse. Merchandising is available in the Cheibe Zürcher online store.

Zurich's Kreis 4 - a den of iniquity and a place of rebellion? Or is the former workers' quarter rather a melting pot of cultures, a night owl and party paradise - or even a school of life?

59 people who live and work in Zurich's Kreis 4 - or even grew up in "Chreis Cheib" - talk about themselves and tell about their neighborhood, which has as many facets as they do: The party maker, the salon owner, DJ women and a tattoo artist, pastors, men's boutique operators, contact bar bosses, the police investigator, the celebrity hairdresser, the punk pioneer and the porn princess, store owners, bouncers, travesty stars and women who fight their way through and gain respect in their own way.

Among them are prominent faces like actor Joël Basman, Dominique Rinderknecht, Tamy Glauser and lawyer Valentin Landmann. They all say why they love their "Chreis Cheib" so much - and tell all kinds of astonishing stories about what they have experienced on and around Langstrasse, which is known as the "boulevard of the have-nots". Cheibe Zürcher consists of 59 short portraits of protagonists of the most un-Swiss place in Switzerland.

Photographer and filmmaker Nicolas Yves Aebi and m&k/Advertising Week-Christoph Soltmannowski have rented a pop-up studio in the middle of 2019. The idea for this project and film arose spontaneously on site. Editor Sven Prausner, who is also active in the neighborhood as a DJ, edited the interviews to a length suitable for cinema. The film was made independently, without any subsidies. In addition, a "Cheibe Zurich" merchandising line launched for the film.

Starting Thursday, the film will be shown every Thursday and Friday, 18:30 and 21:00 at the former erotic cinema Roland at Langstrasse 111 in the middle of Zurich's Chreis Cheib. Tickets are available at the Cheibe Zurich Ticket Shop and with Ticketcorner available. A Mexican Food Truck in the parking lot behind the cinema will provide food for the guests.

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