Less work for telecommunications conciliation body

Unwanted text messages or calls to premium-rate numbers and misleading information about the associated charges were the main topics for the Telecommunications Conciliation Body last year. Overall, the number of cases declined.

The number of cases handled by the Communications Conciliation Board has been falling since 2017. (Image: Annual report of the conciliation body 2020)

In 2020, 2027 people turned to the conciliation body, compared to 2379 the previous year. Since 2017, the number of complaints has been declining, as the conciliation body announced in its annual report on Thursday.

The explanation for this was that the providers of telecommunications services and value-added services were more accommodating towards customers. Providers had also improved their customer services.

The Covid 19 pandemic had little impact on the figures. It did, however, give rise to conspicuous case constellations. These concerned the cancellation of contracts for excessive use of telecommunications services abroad and long and costly waits on the telephone to rebook flights.(SDA)

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