Vizner Borel opens a new world for Resivo from Dormakaba

For Resivo, the cloud-based access management system for residential and commercial buildings from Dormakaba, the Zurich agency Vizner Borel has implemented the communication appearance.

Resivo offers administrations, homeowners and tenants various advantages over conventional mechanical locking systems. For example, there is no need to worry about lost or stolen keys. And apartment handovers also become easier and more tenant-friendly. The access management system saves time by simplifying processes for granting access to suppliers, service providers and tradesmen. Tenants themselves determine who gets access to the apartment and when - even remotely.

ViznerBorel designed and implemented the entire communication presence: Key visual, brochure, explanatory film, use cases and micropage.

Responsible at Dormakaba: Andreas Manser (Senior Manager Business Development Dormakaba digital I Global Business Development & Sales); Norman Pyhan (Product Manager Dormakaba digital I Digital Customer Experience); Sebastian Schweizer (Project Leader Marketing Management); Carsten Schneider (Project Leader). Responsible at ViznerBorel: Lajos Vizner, Guillaume Borel (overall responsibility); Jürg Waeber, Urs Obrist (text); Sebastian Krayer (art direction/concept); Seraina Meier (graphics); Markus Binggeli (strategy/consulting). Microsite:, Michael à Porta (overall responsibility), Sebastian Krayer (digital art direction). Image Editing & Composing: Lily Metzker; 3D Graphics, Niko Eriksson. Explainer Film and Use Cases: Fraqment Film, Goetz Hudelmeier.

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