Jim & Jim develops content strategy for ArtDeal

Jim & Jim has developed a content strategy for the international ArtTech art platform ArtDeal and the first Vivent. With the help of authentic content, the new campaign points out the many possibilities of the internet in connection with the art industry and encourages people to let art inspire them and bring them together despite the current situation.

The agency Jim & Jim, which specializes in NextGen marketing, started with the development and elaboration of the strategy, included the production of the content pieces, planning of the posts as well as the campaigning and ended with the community management. The short time until the first Vivent was to be used optimally to put the virtual event in the spotlight.

Guerilla marketing for the sign-up

In order to implement this, the content production mainly relied on moving images, animations and partly provocative parodies of artists or works. For the registration phase of the first Vivent, a guerrilla marketing campaign was implemented, in which some street artworks in the Zurich area were provided with a sticker. The stickers showed the lettering "Sold" as well as a QR code, with which one could directly access the sign-up for Vivent.

The linking of the analogue QR code with the sign-up complements the digital videos, images, Instagram Stories, countdowns and votes, which are intended to additionally activate the community. Influencers from the scene also drew attention to ArtDeal in posts and stories and teased the Vivent.

Get the "next Picasso" with one click

In addition to the guerrilla action, a campaign video was produced under the motto "What if...? Claims like "What if you could dive deep into the art world with just one click?" show what the Vivent has to offer. Interested parties can take part and try to get their hands on the "next Picasso".


Another video was created to illustrate the versatility of the Instagram account and provide an insight into the world of ArtDeal. With posts about the team itself, new facts about young buyers, quotes and humorous, provocative parodies of artists and artworks, the account is meant to be entertaining and informative at the same time. The content will be composed to match the video campaign and the guerrilla action. ArtDeal works together with Jim & Jim in a close co-creation process and develops the respective content.

Responsible at Artdeal: Sarah Schlagenhauf (CEO/Co-Founder); Mario Saladino (CPO/Co-Founder). Responsible at Jim & Jim: Fabio Emch, Bianca Stofer, Melanie Luu (overall management); Bianca Stofer, Melanie Luu, Nadine Sperb, Robin Steiner (idea and concept); Andrin Buchli, Robin Steiner (project collaboration); Bianca Stofer, Melanie Luu, Virginia Waldburger (content creation); Andrin Buchli, Nadine Sperb (media).

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