Weko ensures competition on fibre-optic network

The Competition Commission Weko is opening an investigation against Swisscom. According to the Commission, there is a risk that Swisscom will exclude competitors from the market when building the fibre-optic network. It therefore decides to take precautionary measures.


Swisscom intends to further expand its fibre-optic network and connect more than 1.5 million additional households and businesses with fibre. In areas which it is expanding alone, it is changing the construction of the network in such a way that competitors no longer have direct access to the network infrastructure. In doing so, Swisscom is changing the existing market structure and presumably restricting the innovation and business opportunities of its competitors, the Weko said in a statement. End customers, for their part, could be restricted in their choice of providers and product diversity as a result.

On the basis of the information currently available, the Commission considers it credible that Swisscom is abusing a dominant position with this behaviour. The Commission is therefore immediately taking precautionary measures to prohibit the telecoms provider from denying competitors access to end-to-end lines during the roll-out of the fibre-optic network.

According to its own information, the Comco is now investigating in greater depth the extent to which Swisscom is abusing its dominant position by refusing network access.

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