Online communication becomes more polite through Corona

During the corona virus era, the civility of online communication worldwide has improved. Especially in the Asia-Pacific region, Western Europe and North America, the quality of Internet conversations has improved rather than deteriorated. In contrast, the tone in Eastern Europe and South America has become harsher, according to a Microsoft survey.


According to the survey, there is a positive development in Western Europe and the Asia-Pacific region - in Eastern Europe, however, the tone is becoming harsher.


"The world is just opening up again after a truly unprecedented event in most people's lives. Yet many of us still work and learn from home and continue to practice social distancing. These circumstances demonstrate the need for safe, healthy and respectful interaction, both online and offline," Microsoft says.

The Group conducted the survey among 16,051 teenagers and adults from the Asia-Pacific, Central and Eastern Europe, South America, North America and Western Europe regions. In general, the majority of respondents (52 percent) believe that nothing has changed in terms of conversation. However, 26 percent see an improvement, while only 22 percent claim to have noticed a deterioration.


Western Europe becomes more polite

In Western Europe and North America, 20 percent of respondents believe that online communication is becoming more polite, while only 17 percent see it as becoming ruder. In Asia Pacific, Internet users are showing better manners, according to 31 percent of survey participants, while only 22 percent find a harsher tone.

Eastern Europe is less optimistic: According to around 28 percent of respondents, the Internet is becoming ruder, with only 17 percent seeing a positive development. In South America, rudeness (31 percent) narrowly outweighs politeness (30 percent). According to the respondents, the most important factors for polite online conversation are respect, security, freedom and friendliness. (pte)

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