Rausch strategically realigns communication

With a new website and new social media activities, Rausch has undergone a digital rejuvenation and underlines its close-to-nature approach with a new visual language. The brand is also actively seeking to rejuvenate its target group.


Rausch's new digital brand identity highlights the family-owned company's nature-oriented approach even more clearly - also with the aim of reaching younger female customers. "While in the past it was mainly the 50+ generation that felt addressed by the brand, we are actively striving to rejuvenate the target group by emotionalising the brand. Of course, we now also have to communicate more where our target group moves. And that is digital channels," says Lucas Baumann, CEO of Rausch Kreuzlingen, explaining the strategic reorientation. The brand does not have to be reinvented for this. Rausch's interaction with nature has always been based on trust, respect and appreciation. Rather, it is about spreading these values in such a way that young women also feel addressed by them.


Optically and technically up to date 

The website Noise.ch was completely revised. Particular attention was paid to ensuring that the integrated webshop is not only clearly displayed on the desktop, but also on all mobile devices. The adapted navigation structure helps users to find exactly the information they need. In addition, the optimised user-friendliness helps to complete the purchase more quickly.
In addition, the possibilities of Social Shoppable are also integrated, whereby social media content is linked to the web shop. Users can thus go directly from the social media post to the web shop to complete the purchase process there.
An important stylistic device is the harmoniously coordinated visual language. All images of the models and products were created in collaboration with Branders in an elaborate photo shoot exclusively for Rausch and are used on all channels. (Werbewoche.ch reported).


Responsible at Rausch: Lucas Baumann (CEO); Petra Hollenstein (CMO); Christian Heckmann (Digital Marketing Manager); Anja Kaiser (Senior Product Manager); Alina Hermann (Product Manager); Lea Riether (Product Manager); Esther Widmer (Communication/PR Manager); Bernadette Raschle (Communication/PR Manager); Laura Stillhart (Marketing Assistance). Responsible at Branders: René Allemann (CEO); Marisa Güntlisberger (Director Omnichannel Experience); Thea Ferretti (Director Communications); Thom Pfister (Executive Creative Director); Sarah Egger (Junior Brand Consultant); Sarah Trendle (Executive Brand Designer); Katja Wölfel (Senior Copywriter); Thomas Hausheer (Creative Brand Technologist). Responsible at Tree Stones: Simon Funk (CEO); Daniel Hofmann (Consulting/Project Manager); Kevin Stutz (Senior Developer); Martin Blättler (Online Marketing Manager).

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