Friday wins the Prix Carte de Noël 2020

The Zurich agency Evoq is awarding the prize for the best festive greetings for the twelfth time. This year, Freitag is in the running.


Every year, Christmas and New Year cards arrive at Evoq around the holidays. And every year, the number of purely physical mailings decreases. So it's no surprise that this year Freitag won the Prix Carte de Noël with an online and offline concept.

According to the press release, Freitag convinced the Evoq jury with the idea of a Thank you card for the new year in the form of a truck sheet. This was sent as a picture by e-mail and is real from 2020 with the first names of all recipients of the Christmas mailing on the way.

In the corresponding e-mail to the greeters, you can read: "In January, when all the other Christmas cards have been read, eaten or drunk up and have to make their way from the desk to the trash, then our thanks to you with your first name will be harnessed to a Planzer truck to then make its rounds through Europe for a few years - until we are finally allowed to cut bags out of it". In this way, Freitag manages to be present for several years without producing any waste. The rolling map was designed by David Keller from Freitag Lab.


Simple, sustainable cards dominate

According to Evoq, this year's analysis of the holiday greetings, which took place during the judging process, brings to light some interesting aspects. In contrast to previous years, no typical Christmas color such as green or red stood out in the mailings. Many cards were kept very simple with a large proportion of white or black. As with the winning idea, sustainability is a top priority. For example, one dispatch was equipped with a small aluminium box that could be used several times for snacks. Another card mentions that for every recipient at MyClimate, the CO2 equivalent of a Christmas tree - including ornaments - is donated. And another dispatch calls on people to leave the fir tree in the forest.

In terms of motifs, the obligatory stars, Christmas trees and Christmas balls were once again in high demand. Two-thirds of the retailers relied on illustrations, a quarter on photography and a few used purely typographic solutions.

What was even more noticeable this year was the communicative opportunity that companies missed with their festive greetings during the holiday season. Increasing digitization, on the other hand, would offer the opportunity to make a positive impression on addressees with real experiences, creative verses and sustainable messages.

Responsible at Evoq: Sara Streule, Adrian Schaffner.

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