Seed for Mibelle Group: Actually, things are still a little better

Seed has created a new image film for the Mibelle Group. At the center is the conviction that there is always something better.


The Mibelle Group is active in the areas of facial and body care, laundry and home care, and nutrition. It develops, produces and carries its brands as well as private labels for retailers. 

The new film is intended to show the diverse competencies with which the Mibelle Group supports its customers. It also conveys the attitude of the employees: Never be completely satisfied, question the existing and always look for even better solutions.

Seed developed and produced the film in close cooperation with the Mibelle Group. It is used in customer presentations, at events, in internal communication and online. The film was directed by Daniel Leuthold.


Responsible at Mibelle GroupAnne Willimann, Corinne Fischer, Nicole Thaler. Responsible at Seed: Daniel Leuthold (script, director); Rafael Kistler (camera); Bastian Hertel (production manager); Felix Courvoisier (producer).

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