Priska Spörri from the Swiss Solidarity Foundation is a new member of the ZPRG Board of Directors

The 2018 General Assembly of the ZPRG met on Friday evening. Priska Spörri from Swiss Solidarity was newly elected to the board.


The 32nd Annual General Meeting of the Zurich Public Relations Society (ZPRG) took place on 24 May 2018 in the Schwarzescafé project room in the Löwenbräu art area in Zurich. All business was unanimously approved. As of the date of the general meeting, Christina Wallat and Talina Vaterlaus left the board. Priska Spörri was newly elected to the ZPRG Board. She is responsible for Public and Partner Relations at the Swiss Solidarity Foundation and a member of the Executive Board. Also confirmed for the term of one year were the president Christian Wick, WickPR, his vice president Dominik Allemann, Bernet Relations, as well as the existing board members Pascale Lehmann, lehmanncom, Marie-Françoise Ruesch, Admeira, Annette Pfizenmayer, ZHAW, and Michael Loss, Intrum Justitia, and the two long-standing auditors Sabine Bosshardt and Curd Fasching.

The established Miller's Theater in the Mühle Tiefenbrunnen has been won as a new partner of the ZPRG. The popular neighborhood theater stands for word art and describes itself as a laboratory of cheerful knowledge. ZPRG members will soon be able to benefit from this cooperation.

With around 500 members, the ZPRG is the largest regional society of the umbrella organization pr suisse, Swiss Public Relations Association (SPRV).

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