Coop merges Siroop and Microspot into one brand

Coop takes over Swisscom's shares in Siroop and merges the online marketplace with Microspot. Marketing activities are currently on hold.


Syrup that squirts out of gifts, spills over people and sticks to apartments: The advertising campaign that Rod realized for Siroop last year caused a stir and drew criticism. "Everything on Siroop" was the slogan and was intended to show the breadth of the product range of the Swiss marketplace (Werbewoche reported). Now, two years after the launch of the online marketplace, there seems to be an end to broad-based campaigns like this one for the time being. Swisscom has ceded its 50 percent share package to Coop. Coop thus owns the marketplace alone and, according to a media release, plans to merge the sales channel with Microspot. The goal is to merge both online platforms into one brand. Since the launch of Siroop in May 2016, the company has been able to gather valuable experience and now wants to take advantage of additional growth prospects, it says. The realignment of Siroop and Microspot is intended to further strengthen the market position in the online business, eliminate duplications and realize synergies. Swisscom remains on board as a partner for technology and sales.


Did the syrup siroop campaign not bear fruit? Has the marketplace not been as well received as hoped? And is the Siroop brand now history with the merger? These are questions that Coop is not currently answering. "The details of the merger are currently being worked out. Coop will provide further information in due course," says Andrea Bergmann, media spokesperson at Coop. In any case, marketing activities have been put on hold for the time being, as the Handelszeitung reports with reference to the blog of e-commerce consultancy Carpathia writes. According to retailers, Siroop does not appear to be financing any more promotions or carrying out any more advertising measures. (ank)

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