Goldbach Interactive new lead agency for digital measures of Feldschlösschen

As a result of the successful collaboration, Goldbach Interactive is the new digital lead agency for Feldschlösschen Beverages.


For several years, Feldschlösschen has relied on Goldbach Interactive in the area of social media. Due to the successful optimization and expansion of its social media activities, Feldschlösschen has now decided to intensify its collaboration with Goldbach Interactive. Goldbach Interactive is pleased to be the lead agency for social media and digital for Feldschlösschen Beverages.

Goldbach Interactive is thus responsible for the complete community management, content production and social media advertising of Feldschlösschen, Somersby, Cardinal, Bilz, Valaisanne, Schweppes and Orangina. In addition, Goldbach Interactive is now responsible for the website, advertising production and newsletter marketing of selected Feldschlösschen beverage brands.

"By strengthening our collaboration with Goldbach Interactive, we want to make better use of synergies on the one hand and raise our brands to a new level on the other," Dominique Zingg, senior brand manager at Feldschlösschen Getränke, said in a statement.

In addition to Feldschlösschen, Somersby has also been part of Goldbach Interactive's client portfolio since October 2016. Cardinal joined them at the beginning of the year. Since March, Goldbach Interactive has been looking after Bilz and Valaisanne. In addition, two more brands, Schweppes and Orangina, will join in April.

The storytelling of the Feldschlösschen brands focuses on Swissness. The strategic focus in content production and community management for Valaisanne and Cardinal is regionality. To push this focus authentically, Goldbach Interactive is keen to work with local partners.

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