Travel easier

Seed has developed and realized a touching short film on behalf of SBB for the public transport association. It shows the simplicity of mobility in the near future.


Easier travel in the future: this is the common goal that transport companies and associations are working towards as part of and in coordination with the Association of Public Transport (VöV). To this end, they are addressing issues such as paperless ticketing, optimised capacity utilisation of means of transport and improved information in the event of disruptions.

Seed expresses the vision of the association in a short, human story. A winemaker sets out on a journey to his daughter's housewarming despite a strained relationship with her. Life may be complicated at times, but travelling by public transport is simple. The film is primarily aimed at the public transport industry, but also at customers.

Responsible at SBB: Eva Krueger, Marco Serratore. Responsible at Seed Audio-Visual Communication: Mats Frey (script, direction), Stephan Fallucchi (camera), Martin Luchsinger (editing), Christian Schlumpf, Triplet Studios (music), Bettina Frymerman, Alex Biondi (production management), Marco Valpiani (producer).

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