Martin et Karczinski develops a new corporate design together with Lufthansa

In the context of the centenary of the crane, Lufthansa presented its revised image to the public these days. In close cooperation with the Group, the branding agency Martin et Karczinski developed both the brand strategy foundation and the new corporate design in a process lasting several years.


"Lufthansa represents Germany far beyond Europe, with values such as precision, engineering, quality and reliability. With designers such as Otl Aicher, Hartmut Esslinger and Jörg Zintzmeyer, it has written international design history. Working with such an important brand therefore demanded a high level of sensitivity, appreciation and responsibility from everyone involved," explains Peter Martin, designer and founder of Martin et Karczinski.


Building on the strengths of Lufthansa's iconic, functional image, a design was created that is as modern as it is timeless. For the brand update, every detail of the Lufthansa design was revised, especially with regard to the requirements of digital brand management. The new look gives the individual design constants new value and conciseness, sharpens their impact and function - always against the backdrop of Lufthansa's unique design tradition.


The most visible signal of the change in Lufthansa and its corporate design is the new aircraft livery. After more than 30 years, the entire fleet is gradually receiving the new look. The new blue in it is absolutely unique, both technically and visually - and, in the spirit of premium, should shape the airline's image in the skies and at airports around the world for decades to come.


Martin et Karczinski has been working for Lufthansa for more than four years as its leading brand consulting and design agency. Headquartered in Munich and founded in 2015 in Zurich, the owner-managed agency employs around 80 experts in the areas of consulting, creative and digital. Mixed teams from Munich and Zurich were responsible for both the strategy and the design of Lufthansa's new corporate design. The lead was in Munich.

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