A dry annual report

The KSP agency is drawing attention to water scarcity and drought with a special annual report for the BioRe Foundation.


The BioRe Foundation improves the living conditions of farming families in India and Tanzania. The focus is on the cultivation of organic cotton as a sustainable livelihood and the safeguarding of human rights.

KSP Krieg Schlupp Partner produced the annual report for the BioRe Foundation again this year - and came up with something special: For once, the agency deliberately sent out a dry annual report to draw attention to this year's focus topic of water scarcity and drought.

The centerpiece of the report is the cover page: the recipient can douse it with water, only then does the resolution message appear. The donors thus symbolically learn that it is they who provide access to drinking water and water for the fields. The design is also sober, spartan and in black and white throughout - as befits a dry annual report.


Responsible at the BioRe Foundation: Christa Suter (Management); Nicole Santer (Fundraising and Communication). Responsible at KSP Krieg Schlupp Partner: Benny Goldstein (creative direction); Patrick Bucher (concept/text); Michelle Mancina (graphics); Franziska Saxer, Tatiana Kündig (consulting); Manuela Pasanen, Nadia Leisi (DTP); Uwe Schlupp (overall responsibility).

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