Seed guides visitors through the Bex salt mine with humor

Seed has realized the new film for the visitors of the salt mine of Bex.


In Bex in the Vaud Alps, salt has been extracted for 500 years. The salt bound in the rock is drilled from tunnels, dissolved with water and processed into salt in the Bex salt works. Around 70,000 people visit the Bex salt mine every year.

Seed has developed and produced the new visitor film. The film tells everything worth knowing about the Sel des Alpes produced in Bex: origin, meaning, use, extraction and production. The proud narrator, Monsieur Dubois, is assisted by his eager helper, the stick figure Monsieur Du Sel. Only Monsieur Du Sel is a somewhat idiosyncratic character...

Daniel Leuthold is responsible for the script and direction, while Adrian Wisard created the animations.

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