Schläfle Trittibach lets you enjoy tap water in style

Brandeau is a stylish water bottle for filling drinking water directly from the tap. The agency behind the product is Schläfle Trittibach Kommunikation + Design.


The design is authentic and perfectly formed. Clear lines emphasize the value of this purist product. The Brandeau bottles are available as a city edition for tap water from Zurich, Bern and Basel, as well as an office and kids' edition. The range is constantly being expanded.

The product and brand were created and developed by the Schläfle Trittibach Kommunikation + Design agency. With this brand, the Zurich agency fulfilled its wish to have its own brand in its portfolio. Other brands in ST's portfolio include Sprüngli, Energy, Kistenmöbel, Daniel Huber Architektur & Design and Markenmentor.

Brandeau stands for exclusive water enjoyment in a balance between aesthetics, design and ecology. That is why Schläfle Trittibach also focused on a long-lasting effect in terms of design. Timeless, everlasting typography and a monogram that places great value on reduction.

In addition to product development, Schläfle Trittibach also developed the corporate design, the WebsiteVarious advertising measures, giveaways and the social media implementation of the brand.

Responsible at Schläfle Trittibach and Brandeau: Marcel Schläfle, Christoph Trittibach (creative direction), Tobias Stierli, Simone Vogel (CGI), Phil Müller, Rainer Schär (photography/image editing), Sebastian Mehl (web development).

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