Four. designs new bill insert for Helsana customers

Helsana had its long-standing direct marketing partner, the Four. agency, design an insert for the monthly invoice mailing.


The supplement is now coordinated in terms of content and timing with core or campaign topics as well as with other marketing activities. The result is a simple yet clever implementation, each of which deals with a specific topic. So far, three supplements have been published, presenting the topics of stress/balance, vacations and Helsana's sponsorship commitment in more detail. More detailed information is available via the links provided. Thanks to the special folding of the insert, the Helsana campaign dictum used in the headline is always present for the recipient of the insert. Due to the high proportion of images, the supplement is easy to consume and designed to be reader-friendly.


Responsible at Helsana: Christine Gross (Touchpoint Experience, Marketing & Communications). Responsible at Four: Björn Brinkmann (CD Text/Concept); Philipp Sträuli (CD Art); Beni Fischer (Graphics/DTP); Daniel Gerber (Consulting).

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