ViznerBorel supports Bauart with the launch of the online magazine

"Densified building requires new thinking" - this basic attitude, formulated by Peter C. Jakob, partner of the architectural firm Bauart Architekten und Planer, at home in Bern, Zurich and Neuchâtel, is at the beginning of the project.


Bauart has always been a researching architectural office. When no one was talking about sustainability in construction, ecological issues and the search for adequate solutions already occupied an important place, according to the press release. And systematic thinking also goes back to the beginnings of the office, so it is an integral part of Bauart's DNA. So it comes as no surprise that Bauart Architekten launched the Modulart online platform in 2017.


Modulart is a laboratory for modular construction

The novel online platform regularly offers an interested audience articles about systematic, modular thinking and building - both here in Switzerland and beyond its borders. The aim of the magazine is to illuminate the systematic way of thinking and building in its most diverse facets: by repeatedly presenting carefully selected buildings, pointing out the harbingers of important trends, and presenting personalities as well as project studies, research work, and publications that are worth paying attention to.


For the launch of the magazine, which was celebrated in mid-May with two events in the Cinématte in Bern and in the Labor Bar in Zurich in front of an expert audience, the focus is on a variety of stories that are also part of a thematic issue of the trade magazine Hochparterre and fundamentally address systematic, modular thinking and building. Furthermore, articles about one of the first system-built houses in Switzerland, which is already a listed building today, are presented, as well as examples of contemporary modular buildings in Germany, Norway and the USA. But also portraits, interviews and more can be found in the magazine.


Responsible at Bauart architects and planners: Stefan Graf, Peter C. Jakob (management) and Kathrin Merz (project management). Responsible at ViznerBorel: Markus Binggeli (Strategy), Farid Mhedbi (Consulting), Guillaume Borel (Creative Direction), Gabriella Flury (Art Direction) and Tamás Kiss (Text). Responsible at (Development and construction Michael à Porta, André Brunner.

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