KSP for EWZ: the enablers in the sustainability report

What EWZ makes possible together with customers, stakeholders, partners and employees is told in the new EWZ Annual and Sustainability Report 2016.


With emphasis on "tell". Because several stories let you look at the people behind the facts. Underlined with elements such as punched-through pages and images, which thereby tell each story from multiple angles.


Thus, the annual report is also a thank you to all the enablers who have made history with EWZ and are shaping the future: On the occasion of the company's anniversary, the report shows which milestones EWZ has achieved in the 125 years of its history. From the first electric light in the city of Zurich to the introduction of 100 percent renewable energy for all private customers in 2015.


But EWZ also assumes responsibility in the international context with consistent sustainability measures and thus makes an effective contribution to the future. This is also the main focus of the report, together with the customers of tomorrow.


More at: EWZ.ch/sustainable

Responsible at EWZ: Esther Rutz (project management, marketing and communications); Urs Schön (sustainability reporting, corporate and business development); Jacqueline Verjee (picture story realization, marketing and communications). Responsible at KSP Krieg Schlupp Partner: Anita Kummer, Sascha Borsai (creative direction); Florence Schaffter (graphics); Marc Gooch, Fery Elghol, Tatiana Kündig (consulting); Bianca Jäger, Sarah Furrer (DTP); Giacomo Wyss, Micha Freutel (image editing); Micha Freutel (photographer); Tina Aich (production); Daniel Krieg (overall responsibility).

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