Process designs labels for Graubünden wines

A few days ago, the wine merchant vonSalis presented its wines from the Bündner Herrschaft region in a new design. Following the rebranding of the wine specialists a year ago, Process was now also responsible for the design of the entire range.


Wine connoisseurs say that the Bündner Herrschaft is one of the best terroirs for Pinot Noir, along with Burgundy. Ideal are the not too lush, permeable soils and the climate in the Graubünden Rhine Valley, which is characterized by a lot of sunshine, the Föhn and the large temperature differences between day and night.


Thus, in addition to its retail range, the vonSalis wine merchant also offers its own wines produced exclusively from grapes grown in the Bündner Herrschaft region - predominantly Pinot Noir. Following the rebranding of the wine merchant and an initial run of two light summer wines, the branding and design agency Process was also commissioned to design the wine bottles and packaging for the entire range of vonSalis wines.


Local building culture as inspiration

The portfolio structure of the vonSalis own brand includes a total of 21 red and white wines from various Graubünden towns in different price segments. These were to be brought into a clear system, which was also to be reflected in the label design. In addition, the origin of the wines should be clearly noticeable in the design.


In Maienfeld, Jenins, Malans and Zizers, the Process team repeatedly came across very characteristic decorations on historic and also newer buildings. They are called sgraffiti and are part of the regional building culture. The motifs decorating portals, windows and gables are mostly abstract, for example in the form of bands with triangular motifs or circular ornaments.

A distinctive sgraffito motif was identified for each wine region and used as a differentiating basic component for the design. The coding for the individual wine varieties and price categories thus results in simple, authentic graphic compositions. The range of vonSalis wines is thus coherent in itself and each bottle is unique.

Daniel Hürbi, Managing Director of Salis, is particularly pleased: "We're not the only ones who like the new bottles; they're also very well received by our private and restaurant customers. Process has succeeded in giving our portfolio structure a clear systematic structure on the one hand and communicating the origin of the grapes in an unconventional way on the other. The authentic, inspiring design of the bottles rounds off the sensory experience. From our point of view, a really very successful thing."

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