New Banque CIC annual report online

Banque CIC has chosen a new concept for its annual report with the online report as the leading medium. It was implemented by Basel West.


A one-pager makes the most important facts and figures quickly accessible and supplements them with editorial content such as success stories from customers, market outlook for investors or highlights. Various journalistic formats and also videos are used. The printed annual report is slim and refers to the microsite for background information, which was implemented in four languages. A publishing tool ensures seamless data transfer for microsite, PDF and print report.


Responsible at Banque CIC (Suisse): Sebastian Comment, Fabiana Castiglione. Responsible at Basel West Corporate Communications: Thomas Aerni (consulting); Markus Siegenthaler (editing); Michael Aerni and Sinia Brugger (design). Photography: Pablo Wünsch Blanco, Andreas Zimmermann. Videos: Fasnacht & Partner.

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