Jungfrau Railways Annual Report combines facts with emotions

Jung von Matt/Brand Identity has redesigned and implemented the business reporting of the Swiss Jungfraubahn Holding: corporate information and the brand are brought to life as a digital and analog journey of discovery.


As a listed company, Jungfraubahn Holding AG is a beacon in Swiss tourism with over 12,000 shareholders, CHF 169 million in revenue and its Jungfrau - Top of Europe brand. The new reporting tells the company's success story in a lively and emotional way.

On the website, the relevant facts and figures are narratively integrated into the company's history. Videos, testimonials, animations and background stories bring the fascinating world of the company, the region and the brand to life. As an accompanying short report, a leporello was produced that conveys all the important information about the V-Cableway project along the Jungfrau panorama in a catchy way. Jung von Matt/Brand Identity developed the content and visual concept and was responsible for the digital realization and implementation.


"The new form of online annual reporting also offers us the opportunity to show that Jungfrau Railways is aware of its responsibility towards the region and the environment and the added value it generates as an economic driver for the entire Jungfrau Region. We also want to strengthen our Jungfrau - Top of Europe brand regionally, nationally and internationally. The new reporting concept provides up-to-date information and adequately showcases the brand," said Patrizia Bickel, Head of Corporate Communications, in a press release.

Responsible at Jungfrau Railways Management: Patrizia Bickel (Head of Corporate Communications); Manuela Zurschmiede (Head of Executive Secretariat). Responsible at Jung von Matt/Brand Identity: Philipp Schär / Jawad Zein (client responsibility); Kathrin Fach (Head of Creation) ; Micha Rückstein (Design). Responsible at Jung von Matt/Limmat: Philipp Siegenthaler (customer responsibility); Roman Holland (conception, UX) ; Andrea Klainguti, Kurt Boesiger (design) ; Ursula Christen, Sebastian Wohlrab, Hendrik Wernze (development). Responsible at Jung von Matt/Play (video content): Michael Kindermann / Matthias Fasnacht (project management); Sandeep Abraham, Marc Schulz (post-production).

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