Thinking patterns challenged

Seed has produced a short film for the Swiss Life initiative "Actively shaping professional life" that highlights typical thought patterns.

Swiss Life Berufsleben 2

A longer, self-determined life is the central theme for Swiss Life. It is not only relevant for customers, but also for employees. Working life will change. With its "Actively Shaping Professional Life" initiative, Swiss Life wants to encourage its employees to take a closer look at this topic in order to find new ways of shaping their professional lives together.

A short film is an important means of internal communication. It addresses typical thought patterns that prevent employees from taking charge of the development of their professional lives. At the same time, the film is a call to action. Three other short clips explain the important topics of employability, work ability and diversity.

The films are used for internal communication, on the intranet and at events.

Seed conceived and realized the films as general contractor, with Adrian Wisard directing. All the actors are Swiss Life employees.

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