Brand Congress 2024: will AI redefine brand management?

Under the motto "Everything new with AI?", the Swiss Brand Congress on June 12, 2024 is dedicated to the influence of AI on brand management. Over 80 speakers, including brands such as On, Switzerland Tourism, McDonald's, Katjes, Weleda and Swiss Post, are expected to take to the stage.

(Pictures: Gabriele Griessenböck)

ChatGPT designs the idea, Midjourney visualizes it and AI completes everything in line with CI/CD: the advertising campaign is created at the touch of a button. Does it work? The Swiss Brand Congress aims to open the door to a world in which experts can show where AI is revolutionizing brand management - and where it is less so.

The industry get-together will take place on June 12 at The Dolder Grand Hotel in Zurich. Under the motto "Everything new with AI?", brand decision-makers will gather to discuss the role of artificial intelligence in brand management. In up to seven parallel forums and on two main stages, the most diverse and innovative approaches in the brand world will be highlighted. Over 500 participants are expected to attend.

A breath of fresh air in the AI debate

Götz Ulmer from "David + Martin" aims to bring a breath of fresh air to the debate on AI in the creative industry in his presentation "The power of different - despite or precisely because of AI". He emphasizes the irreplaceable role of creativity and the individual approach and sheds light on how real innovation often arises from the courage to turn away from conventions and dare to try something new.

Learning from the big brands

An AI would probably never have come up with the idea of using cut-up garden hoses as the sole of a running shoe. For the Swiss running shoe brand On - a prime example of successful brand management - this was the starting signal for an incredible story. On co-founder Caspar Coppetti will be speaking at the Brand Congress about his story, which revolves around brand building and development.

Numerous practical examples also illustrate how brands see digital change as an opportunity and implement it successfully. Katia Murmann from WolfPak will share her experiences with the digital transformation of the Blick Group. She will show how the use of data can accelerate the growth of the medium. An empty fridge, a few clicks and voilà - AI suggests recipes and reorders the ingredients. Daniel Ehmann from IBM will report on how this works.

And the Katjes brand will show how things can be done differently. Managing Partner Tobias Bachmüller will explain how innovative decisions can transform a brand into a leading love brand. In addition, André Hefti, CMO of Switzerland Tourism, will provide insights into the effective repositioning of Swiss tourism.

The event will also be the stage for the presentation of the prestigious awards by the "Swiss Academy of Marketing Science", which celebrates the link between academic research and practical application in marketing.

With over 24 hours of program, the industry get-together offers an opportunity to gain in-depth insights into the future of brand management. And to exchange ideas with experts from brands such as Aldi Suisse, Die Mobiliar, Schulthess, Migros, UBS, PostFinance, Drei Österreich, Baloise, Interdiscount and many more.

The Swiss Brand Congress is organized by the ESB Marketing Network together with Htp St.Gallen and the University of St.Gallen. Registration at

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