One Year Bagels of Berkeley: "It's incredibly fun"

Bagels of Berkeley celebrated their first anniversary with an exclusive event themed "Don't make Ads. Make TikToks." was on site and held video talks with Luciano, Rahel, Lara, Aurore, Naomi and TikTok expert Mirco Hecker. They shed light on how the agency works and gained valuable insights into the power of social media and TikTok.


Luciano Hagge Dias and Rahel Dürsteler from Bagels of Berkeley shared some insights in an entertaining conversation to mark their one-year anniversary. The agency, which is part of the Publicis Group, stands out for its flat hierarchy and access to a variety of specialists within the group. Its name "Bagels of Berkeley" has a curious origin story that goes back to a project from the 1970s. Find out more about this and much more in the video.

During the spontaneously arranged video talk with Lara Zehnder, Aurore von Oppersdorff and Naomi Louis, wanted to find out more about the roles of the three "Bagler:innen". Naomi explained her role as a link between clients and creatives, while Lara introduced herself as a social creative responsible for concepts and texts. Aurore, also known as Ora, has been with us since the beginning and is responsible for producing content for clients as a content creator. The employees emphasized the versatility and fun of their work as well as the flexibility and speed with which they can respond to customer requests.

Mirco Hecker from TikTok shared three strategies for the effective use of TikTok for brands and talked about the most important advertising medium on TikTok as well as the dramaturgical structure of TikTok videos.

Nathalie Sulser, also known as Nathistyle, is a well-known influencer who shares her life on social media and produces a variety of content, from vlogs to entertaining stories. Her companion Gian Maria is active in social media marketing and uses platforms to promote his music. Nathalie stresses the importance of following trends, while Gian addresses the changes in Instagram's algorithm and emphasizes the increasing importance of short-form videos such as reels. Both emphasize the importance of a strong personality and selective collaboration with brands. In the videotalk, the two talk about this.



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