Kuble New Year's aperitif: "We need to talk more about the benefits of new technologies"

Yesterday, the digital agency Kuble and the Metaverse Academy hosted a New Year's Apéro that focused on socializing and sharing knowledge on topics such as Metaverse, AI and Web 3.0. Special attention was paid to training and further education. Werbewoche.ch held discussions and gained insights into an exciting AI art project.


In an interview with werbewoche.ch, Roger Oberholzer, CEO of the Metaverse Academy, emphasizes the importance of new technologies such as artificial intelligence, metaverse, spatial computing and Web3, which will lead to a new wave of transformation in the economy, work and society. At the same time, he urges us not just to talk about the technologies, but to focus on their benefits and applications. AI-controlled avatars can take on tasks in the areas of service, knowledge management and education, for example. According to Oberholzer, investing in education and innovation and embarking on the learning curve is the key to the future competitiveness of employees and companies. The Metaverse Academy has launched various practical training courses and the "Road to Knowledge" learning community to facilitate ongoing and lifelong learning, particularly in the rapidly developing field of AI.

Christian Aichhorn, partner at the digital agency Kuble, which founded the Metaverse Academy, explains in an interview how the power of AI can be successfully integrated into marketing. The rapid development of tools requires careful evaluation in order to achieve effective increases in productivity. Aichhorn emphasizes the need for practical tests, as AI often remains theoretical. According to Aichhorn, the quantification of productivity gains is 50-70%, with regular human checks and adjustments essential. The biggest hurdles for companies and agencies are self-disruption and the handling of sensitive data and property rights. However, Aichhorn is convinced that applications in the corporate environment will take a big step forward in 2024.


Gustavo Salami, founder of Kuble and the Metaverse Academy, talks about his passion project Spectral Odyssey, in which he created art with the help of artificial intelligence (AI). The AI makes mistakes, so-called hallucinations, when there is a lack of understanding. What is undesirable in the working environment was deliberately encouraged in this project. For Salami, creativity in AI is the result of mistakes. In images developed with Midjourney and Stable Diffusion, the AI becomes "creative" and independently adds unusual and surprising image elements. Salami believes it is important to experiment and use tools to their full potential in order to stay on the ball and use the experience gained for the further training of employees, teams and companies.


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