"We reward creativity"

The Conference Day of this year's Webstage Masters provided a wealth of insights into social media marketing. Topics such as artificial intelligence, creativity and authenticity were discussed intensively. Werbewoche.ch took advantage of this opportunity and went in search of insights for its readership. The result is eight interviews that provide valuable insights and findings.

Lots of expert knowledge at the Webstage Masters 2023 - also captured in numerous exclusive interviews by werbewoche.ch

Rebecca Amlung works as an interactive content creator and visual storyteller and shares her passion as #thebluecrew on TikTok. On the other side is Rainer Grill, an expert in reputation management, employer branding and PR. Together with other experts, they form the team at Ziehl-Abegg (Link to TikTok profile)a renowned German industrial company with a focus on B2B sales. Ziehl-Abegg is setting new standards in the field of successful employer branding for industrial companies with a well thought-out TikTok strategy. This is all the more remarkable at a time when there is a shortage of skilled workers and apprentices. The video by Rebecca Amlung and Rainer Grill not only offers an insight into their approach, but also provides valuable information on what is important in this innovative approach. An inspiring success story that can certainly serve as a model for other companies.

Dominik Lämmler, co-founder of Furthur, a recently founded social media agency, not only has many years of experience as an employee at Meta, but also knows the workings of the largest social media network inside out. In an interview, he shares fascinating insights from his presentation entitled "From Organic to Paid".

Mike Schwede took part in a panel on the current trending topic of "Artificial Intelligence in Marketing". In the panel itself and in this video, Schwede, a Swiss digital expert of the first hour, outlines the use of AI by addressing various opportunities and risks.

Will Rolls, Creative Agency Partner at Meta, shares valuable insights in his talk and in the following interview. As an expert in creativity at Meta, Rolls encourages the audience to test creative ideas more often. He also provides interesting insights into key characteristics and traits that underlie creative processes and their outcomes, i.e. the "creatives" themselves.

Isabelle Schmid, Head of Marketing at sextoy provider Amorana, and Priscilla Brumm, Team Lead Social Media Advertising at TX Group 20 Minuten, are joining forces to develop effective strategies. Among other things, they rely on collaboration with influencers and, above all, aim to combine the strengths of both brands. In an interview, they provide detailed insights into their approach.

Finn Stein is Director of Research & Development at WEMF AG. WEMF AG für Werbemedienforschung is committed to conducting neutral and independent industry research studies in the media and advertising market. Its aim is to provide market players with relevant strategic and tactical data for their decisions. In this interview, Finn talks about Wemf's research activities in the field of social media.

Tanja Herrmann, founder of Webstage Masters, the largest social media conference in Switzerland, takes a look at the past event in an exclusive interview with werbewoche.ch. As a social media & influencer marketing strategist, entrepreneur, lecturer and speaker, she reflects on this year's conference experience. Particularly exciting is the announcement that the conference will continue under the new name "Social Media Summit" from next year. An exciting move that undoubtedly underlines the leading role of this conference in Switzerland's social media landscape.

Mirko Hecker brought the conference to a successful close with his impressive presentation on the use of TikTok. He shared valuable insights that go far beyond the specific use of TikTok. Of particular importance is Hecker's concern to encourage brand managers to move from a focus on target groups to a community-centered approach. In addition, he presents three specific tips, which he also shares with the audience in this video, saying: "We reward creativity"


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