Art.I.schock: New overall appearance for the Theater am Gleis

The Theater am Gleis in Winterthur is now presenting itself with a new overall image and is no longer just promoting individual events, but also the overall experience with an annual campaign.

This year, the Theater am Gleis has sharpened its positioning and, based on this, renewed its overall image. The small four-section theater in Winterthur thrives on collaborative work in working groups, enthusiasm for culture and active cultural participation. These principles are set out even more explicitly in a manifesto and should be clearly noticeable in the new image. This relies on a visual language combined with photos and illustrative elements. They bring the audience closer to the four sections of theater, dance, music and children's theater in a playful way.

New logo

The new logo consists of several parts in different colors. It symbolizes that the Theater am Gleis is supported by many people. Around 40 people are involved in programming and event management on a voluntary basis - the organization of the theatre is thus also reflected visually. The unconventional nature of the new claim "Next to the tracks since 1979" is intended to get to the heart of the matter.

In addition to the individual events, the house as such is now also being promoted with an annual campaign. The campaign is intended to reflect the energy of the house and provide a photographic insight into the areas of theater, dance, music and children's theater. Playful illustrations and a clear color concept are intended to ensure a high recognition value. The exterior façade of the theater was also refreshed with the new design elements as part of the process. The new look was designed and implemented by the Zurich-based communications agency Art.I.schock.


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