AI concierges for Basel and Zurich

Artificial intelligence has recently been providing information on the websites of the Basel and Zurich tourism organizations. The two destinations are thus among the first in Europe to take this step into the future of guest advice. / Philip Oroni

The websites of Zürich Tourism and Basel Tourism recently welcomed their visitors with an innovative new feature - two friendly and intelligent AI butlers. Both cities are thus pioneers in Europe and are moving together into the future of guest advice. The innovative technology promises personalized and automated assistance for every guest, impressively enriching the guest experience while increasing the ease of travel.

"The first experiences are very positive. It's amazing how quickly the guide learns and already provides competent information," enthuses Thomas Wüthrich, the director of Zurich Tourism. Letizia Elia, the director of Basel Tourism, is also enthusiastic: "The AI concierges master the impossible and answer the questions of our interested visitors in record time, around the clock and in almost all languages."

No traditional chatbots

The AI concierges in Zurich and Basel are not conventional AI chatbots or ChatGPT imitations. What makes them unique is their ability to respond to every conceivable question while maintaining a personal touch. They are based on ChatGPT's technology and use artificial intelligence to analyze questions as well as formulate answers. Fed with all the information about their cities and regions, they no longer know any language barriers.

In close cooperation, Zürich Tourism and Basel Tourism developed the idea for the introduction of the AI-Concierges. The AI-Concierge was realized by the Viennese company "goodguys gmbh". For their conversational services, the goodguys rely on their own language models in combination with intensive use of "generative AI" (OpenAI, Google), which enables comprehension-oriented processing of information in almost all languages for all conceivable situations.

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