Celebrationpoint invites you to a get-together

On June 29, the MICE network invites to a get-together, where business event managers and marketers get the opportunity for impulses, networking contacts and MICE business partners.

On June 29, 2023, Paulus Academy will host the Swiss meeting, incentive, conference and event (MICE) industry with 'Lilly Jo'. Doors open at 3:45 pm, the official program starts at 4:45 pm. Business event managers can network, meet potential event partners and experience the still young location live. The event is organized by Celebrationpoint.

The bestselling author Nicole Brandes will appear as a special guest. She will provide inspiring impulses and open up new perspectives on the urgent questions of our time in event management - and beyond, in keeping with the impulse theme: "Between stillness and movement - we ask the questions of the time". The Celebrationpoint signature event in Zurich 2023 will highlight both current and future challenges as well as the resulting opportunities and solutions. The focus will be on topics such as:
Artificial intelligence, food trends and waste, staff shortages. The audience has the opportunity to bring their own ideas and questions into the stage conversation.

Here you can register for the event.


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