Screenforce Day 2023 Blackouts

The Screenforce Day 2023 took place on Tuesday morning. Around 270 guests from the media industry accepted Screenforce Switzerland's invitation to the Kongresshaus in Zurich. Wolfram Kons hosted the event.

(Pictures: zVg.)

More or less on time at 9 a.m. - after a fortifying breakfast with croissants and co. - Screenforce Day started with a surprise show by the LED performance artist crew "The Blackouts". After that, the actual program started, hosted by Wolfram Kons.

The event kicked off with two contributions on the topic of media research. The market research company Link Marketing Services presented the current Screenforce Switzerland research project on "Reach vs. Targeting. The aim of the project is to use a post-campaign questionnaire in cooperation with the Swiss advertising market to create a certain standardization for campaign evaluation. This would provide a basis in the future for deciding when a reach and when a targeting approach delivers the best results.

Wolfram Kons led through the morning.

Second, Mediapulse highlighted why it is important in media usage research to know not only whether and how often media are consumed, but also for how long and exactly when.

This was followed by SevenOne Ad.Factory's flood wine campaign and Axa's "AXA Women's Super League" campaign, two practical examples designed to illustrate the outstanding impact that creative, emotional and authentic purpose marketing and sponsorship can have. In the current m&k extra and at the cases can be read be

Daurafhin, the audience was given a detailed look into the economic situation and outlook globally and in Switzerland before the official event concluded with an insightful and entertaining presentation on marketing, sales and management brain research followed by a networking dinner.

LED performance artists "The Blackouts" opened the program.

Interested parties who were unable to attend Screenforce Day 2023 can visit the Screenforce Switzerland Website View presentations as well as impressions of the event in the coming days. 

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