This is what the first "Real Talk" from Postfinance was like

In the first edition of the new event series on gender equality by Postfinance and Rod Kommunikation, actress Susanne Kunz and musician Stress discussed the gender pay gap, role models and wages.

Under the motto "Wage differentials - why money makes the difference", the two talk guests at the first "Real Talks", a series of events organized by Postfinance, openly and honestly shared their experiences with wages and wage differentials in show business. Susanne Kunz appealed for open discussion among teammates and the courage to demand money for one's experience and skills. Her panel partner Andres Andrekson, alias Stress, also had zero understanding of wage inequality and revealed that in his band a woman receives the highest salary.

With the event series, Postfinance wants to stimulate a discussion around the interaction of the sexes. This is in line with the values and corporate goals of Postfinance, which promotes diversity in all facets and with a focus on gender equality. At the events, which will take place three times a year in different parts of the country, exciting personalities will give an insight into how they live teamwork in their private lives and in their work, what the challenges are and what significance money has for achieving gender equality. Concept, creation & realization of the event series come from Rod Kommunikation, event from Jeff Zurich.

Responsible at Postfinance: Taru Koch (Head of Communications & Brand Management), Sarah Brunner (Head of Brand Management & Sponsoring), Sanije Weislein (Sponsoring and Event Manager), Tiziana Felline (Social Media Manager), Fabienne Gottret, Andreas Badstöber (Brand Manager), Dörte Horn (Media Spokesperson). Responsible for conception, creation & realization of communication measures: Rod Communication. Event: Jeff Zurich, Jonathan Urech (Support Project Management), Lena Koschek (Project Management & Support), Cécile Kühn (Production Management), Denise Broere (Support Production).

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