Fachwerk with new campaign for Bergbahnen Sörenberg

The Sörenberg mountain railroads are introducing dynamic pricing. To create acceptance for this among the population, a new campaign is being launched by Fachwerk.

Bergbahnen Sörenberg is taking a step further into the digital age and launching Dynamic Pricing. Fachwerk Advertising won a pitch for the launch campaign and communications support. The concept with the campaign slogan "Freu dich, Frühbucher" ("Be happy, early booker") is to convey the central idea: "Those who book early profit" and to implement this in an entertaining way. Because wherever the person booking is at the moment, the anticipation of the ski day is rising - whether in the swinging cellar with swinging king Joel Wicki, in the office or at home with the children.

Acceptance for Dynamic Pricing

"The mechanism of Dynamic Pricing is already known from other ski resorts and areas of life and was deliberately not addressed. However, the introduction in a smaller ski resort is associated with challenges, the acceptance of the population must be won. The sympathetic campaign meets this requirement and communicates the innovation in an approachable and understandable way," clarifies Damian Wolfisberg, Senior Consultant and Head of fachwerk Advertising.

Fachwerk Advertising is responsible for the concept and implementation of the campaign and implements countless analog formats but also animations for social media and screens in the ski resort.

Responsible at Bergbahnen Sörenberg: René Koller (Director), Franziska Seiler (Marketing & Communications), Jana Richter (Marketing & Project Management). Responsible at Fachwerk Kommunikation: Nektarios Thanasis (concept), Damian Wolfisberg (senior consultant), Tino Heuter (creative director), Livia Strässle (junior consultant), Dave Seiler (graphic designer), Oliver Oettli (photography).




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