Premiere for "Creative Impact" event series by Publicis and Meta

How to define KPIs correctly and use creativity to achieve these goals - these were the hooks of the first Creative Impact by Publicis Zurich and Meta Platforms.

Together with the panelists Dominik Lämmler and Will Rolls from Meta, as well as the hosts Evelin Wachter, David Lübke and Matthias Koller from Publicis, the invited guests - a mix of client representatives, creatives and other marketing experts - discussed the latest developments in the field of marketing.
Expert:inside - about how to formulate really good goals, how to measure their achievement efficiently, and how creativity paves the way from A to B in the process. On the one hand, in general, but on the other hand also with a focus on social media and how to pay more attention to the causality between advertising measures and behavioral change on these channels in particular and thus exclude pure correlation.

The most creative briefing wins

"The fact that we started right away with the first Implementation of the Creative Impact We are extremely pleased with the response we received," says Matthias Koller, CEO of Publicis Zurich. And he adds: "Armed with new insights and fresh input, our guests can now develop a briefing. The most creative briefing wins and is then solved by our experts at Publicis Zurich using all their creativity. In addition, Publicis Zurich and Meta will contribute an attractive advertising credit."

Publicis Zurich is happy to accept briefings until the end of December. And the next issue of Creative Impact shouldn't be too long in coming.

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