Customer Relations Award 2022: These are the winners

Numerous companies had applied for the Customer Relations Award with customer-focused and innovative projects around the design of sustainable customer relationships.

200 guests celebrated together the companies nominated for the Customer Relations Award at the end of November and the winners of the six categories Customer Focus, Customer Experience, Innovation, Employee Focus, Newcomer and Field Service Management were honored. Numerous companies applied again this year for the Customer Relations Award 2022 with customer-focused and innovative projects around the design of sustainable customer relationships.

These are the winners

Winner in the "Customer Focus" category: DPD (Schweiz) AG. In the category "Customer Focus", the comprehensive project of DPD (Switzerland) was able to convince the jurors: A functioning CEM program needs a clear goal, focus as well as a consistent implementation of the pain points. As a logistics service provider, DPD Switzerland has the special opportunity to assess the entire customer journey on the last mile and thus offer its customers additional added value. In addition to a completely integrated CEM program, customers were brought on board accordingly and the service was opened up to them. This gave DPD the opportunity to work with them to improve the entire value creation process and achieve a true win-win situation.

Bild (v.l.n.r): Meike Tarabori, Daniel Stiefel und Marco Kaiser
Picture (from left to right): Meike Tarabori, Daniel Stiefel and Marco Kaiser.

Winner in the "Customer Experience" category: Emmi. With innovation, creativity and the right partners, Emmi succeeded in boosting its customer dialog and also convinced the jury: Manufacturers are required to go down new digital paths and build a direct bridge to consumers. To this end, Emmi has implemented a pilot project around the dairy drink good day Barista, together with Twint and Dialogify. In the process, classic sampling was digitized and innovated with a direct cashback mechanism. The result is a customer-friendly process that starts with a QR code, leads to a dialog landing page, and ends with a credit in the Twint app. The chat dialog allows consumers to learn more about the product in a playful way, and to supplement their personal details with a marketing opt-in for later cooking tips or product information. Of course, it is not missing that the customer gives her comments/feedback on the product days later. It is also important to stay in touch with customers with so-called brand stories in text, images and videos.

Picture (from left to right): Meike Tarabori, Amir Maslic and Bernhard Egger.

Winner in the "Innovation" category: SBB. With this new solution, SBB not only gets to know its customers better, but is also better able to place them at the center of its actions across departments: How do SBB customers experience their customer journeys? Which touchpoints have a particularly strong influence on the customer experience? The answers to these questions can now be provided thanks to the "SBB Go" app developed in-house. The app takes getting the customer's perspective to a new level. In an app, customers record their experiences using photos and text. They evaluate the individual touchpoints and, at the end, the entire journey. Based on this, concrete measures can be taken to improve the customer experience.

Picture (from left to right): Meike Tarabori, David Marces, Helene Howald and Nino Mathis.

Winner in the "Employee Focus" category: Zurich Insurance Company. Zurich shows responsibility with this sustainable project and wins the votes of the jurors: Together with the Social Insurance Institution (SVA) of the Canton of Zurich, Zurich Switzerland launched a program this spring that offers the long-term unemployed a professionally structured re-entry into working life after an accident or illness - with a focus on Zurich Switzerland's Contact Center, the Direct, Digital & Customer Care division.

Image (left to right): Meike Tarabori, Abhishek Pakhira and Pasquale Renna.

Winner in the "Newcomer" category: DialogBits. DialogBits is developing an all-in-one conversational AI platform that enables users to intuitively create and operate individual virtual agents via drag & drop. The guiding principle is the no-code approach, so that especially users without programming skills are able to create virtual agents. A self-developed NLU, integrated quality management and analytical evaluations round off the overall product. The bits form the heart of the platform and are therefore an essential part of the brand name. Bits are comparable to configurable, plug-in-like functions that enable us to quickly implement complex customer requirements in particular.

Picture (from left to right): Stephan Fehlmann and Antonius Ostermann.

Winner in the "Field Service Management" category: Bystronic. In this category, which was awarded for the first time, Bystronic is convincing not only because of the complexity of the project, but also because of its sustainability: The primary goal in customer service is to achieve the highest possible level of customer satisfaction. After all, satisfied customers recommend the company to others and, in addition to sales, also increase customer loyalty with good service.

Picture (from left to right): Meike Tarabori, Dominik Schlicht, Michael Jost and Remo Loosli.

Award for Best Talent and Best Newcomer: Alec Raemy from Swiss Post was delighted to receive the "Best Newcomer" award, the certificate for the best overall performance in the 2022 training program for customer dialog specialists. Gerd Oser, Managing Partner and founder of the Experience Factory, presented the certificate and, as sponsor, was delighted with the talent. With the best overall certificate among the contact center supervisors with a federal certificate, Doris Egli from PostFinance was able to secure the "Best Talent" 2022 award.

Picture (from left to right): Meike Tarabori, Gerd Oser, Alec Raemy, Peter Peterlechner and Doris Egli.

As part of the Awards Night 2022, celebrated its 25th anniversary. The invited members celebrated together with the board of the association and the participants of the Customer Relations Award and enjoyed the exchange.
For this purpose, had initiated an anniversary award. This award was intended to honor a person who had shown commitment, expertise and empathy for the industry over the years. This was a well-kept secret until the moment of the announcement of the award and not even the nominees knew about their luck. After the six nominees were called on stage, all guests voted live in the Aura and finally Melanie Schefer Bräker, Head of Customer Care B2C at Swisscom, could be happy about the award. Visibly moved and surprised, she gratefully accepted the award.



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