Freaky Swep: NFTs as a ticket to exclusive events

With "Planet Freak", the agency Freaky Swep enters the NFT market - giving users the opportunity to purchase NFTs as tickets to exclusive events.

The technology of NFTs allows to create digital originals. In this way, pictures, videos or music can be assigned to an owner and digital collectibles or tickets can be created. Now, Freaky Swep, an event agency, is also entering the NFT market and letting the community create its own events. The agency will start selling a collection of its own NFTs on October 15, which serve as tickets to exclusive events - similar to a club membership.

At there is a concrete road map for the releases with all the benefits for NFT owners of Planet Freak. The special feature: NFT owners determine all the details of the events themselves. They can vote via a community voting system and determine the location, music, drinks and all other variables of the desired event. The party is then held in real life.


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