Lighthouse project for a sustainable and future-positive Liechtenstein

For the exhibition "I, the Future", a 35 meter high observation tower made of Liechtenstein wood will be erected on the Lindaplatz in Schaan.

For 17 weeks, the tower will offer local information on sustainability and future topics with the exhibition "I, the Future" and will serve as an open dialog platform for a sustainable and future-positive Liechtenstein. The exhibition opens on May 1, 2023 and will last until August 27, 2023. After that, the tower will move on to its long-term destination on Dux.

"I" should spark impact

The messages of the exhibition "I, the future" are: The future is quite positive and it is happening now. Each person ("I") can contribute to a good and sustainable future with his or her own contributions and thus cause the community ("we") to move forward. The initiators are convinced that Liechtenstein has become one of the most successful regions in the world through pioneering spirit, innovation and the courage to try something new. The exhibition intends to spark the desire for participation and the curiosity for change among the general population. For example, the exhibition is intended to make it possible to experience that living sustainably does not mean doing without, but can increase the quality of life.

Open for ideas

During the exhibition period of 17 weeks, each week will be dedicated to one of the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs). Associations, companies and organizations that are committed to the Sustainable Development Goals are invited to become part of these focus weeks, because participation creates enthusiasm and identification. With the so-called Perspectives Room, the tower offers an ideal space that can be used as an open dialog platform for discussion rounds, lectures, talks and information exchange.

Switzerland-wide broadcast

The 35-meter-high tower at the central location is to become an event visually alone. In addition, it will become a place of experience that is attractive for the entire population of Liechtenstein and neighboring Switzerland. A broad-based, high-caliber organization from the most diverse areas of competence and function will ensure a high-quality and inspiring exhibition in terms of content as well as a successful course of the project. The tower made of Liechtenstein wood will subsequently find its final destination "on Dux" in the forest.

Visitors embark on an individual journey in the tower and experience the exhibition themes in interactive formats until they finally arrive on the 10th floor on the viewing platform, where the view of Liechtenstein and the region opens up to them.

The team (from left to right): Fabian Reuteler - Project Management, Joëlle Loos - Vice President Ich, die Zukunft e.V., Martin J. Matt - President Ich, die Zukunft e.V., Christoph Frommelt - Board Member Ich, die Zukunft e.V., (Photo & Copyright: Tatjana Schnalzger.)

Architecture: Frommelt carpentry and Ing. wood construction Ltd; Exhibition and concept: AG Basel/Mauren


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