Kongresshaus Zurich receives ISO 9001 quality certificate

A good year after the renovation and reopening, the Kongresshaus Zürich has received the coveted internationally recognized ISO 9001 certificate for its quality management.

Kongresshaus CEO Roger Büchel is delighted about the certification

On the one hand, the Kongresshaus Zürich comprises four business areas with quite different requirements for quality management: the congress operation, the Tonhalle operation, the catering and the facility management. Because of this complexity, a total of 36 quality-relevant processes were defined down to the last detail - from "management" to "hygiene". "We didn't originally do this with certification in mind at all," says Kongresshaus CEO Roger Büchel, adding, "The actual goal was to define, standardize and professionalize operations as clearly as possible after the reopening, and to do so at a very high level. The certification is basically a side effect - but a great one!"

Survey of randomly selected employees

The auditor, who visited the congress center in mid-June, had studied all the documentation in detail beforehand. The purpose of her visit was to determine whether all these diagrams, processes, checklists and concepts were actually being put into practice. She therefore interviewed the various process managers on the one hand and randomly selected employees on the other - for example, regarding rules and procedures for food safety in the kitchen or whether they knew the corporate values.

The initial certification had been completed extremely successfully: No major and only five minor deviations were recorded in the report.

Roger Büchel explains: "Such an internationally recognized certification supports this - of course, in addition to the actual performance in the collaboration. Last but not least, it is also a nice proof for the employees that their daily commitment does not go unnoticed and is also not taken for granted."

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