Five successful event concepts for companies

Corporate events don't have to be boring. In her guest article, Malena Riester, an expert in attractive event planning, reveals five event ideas that can be used to inspire employees.

EventHaving fun together and blocking out deadlines for once - company events are perfect for spending time together and getting to know each other better. These little breaks from everyday office life can also increase enthusiasm and motivation for the respective tasks that have to be completed again the next day. But in order for this to really be the case, the right concept must be relied on when it comes to corporate events.

1. an incentive event as an attractive work incentive

You are aware that the next period will be particularly work-intensive and challenging for your employees because a particularly demanding project has to be completed? Provide the necessary motivation with an incentive event

This event is really nothing more than a company outing or a special company party, but it takes place when the common work goal has been successfully achieved. Perhaps even let your employees vote on what exactly the reward should look like, and you will very quickly find that the prospect of it spurs your employees on to top performance.

2. for the ideal kick-off with a kick-off event

In contrast to an incentive event, it is also possible to get your employees in the mood for the upcoming work phase with a so-called kick-off event. In this case, you do not reward your employees with a joint event only after the project has been mastered, but express your appreciation and trust already at the beginning. In this way, the starting signal is initiated and an attunement to the respective work process can already take place.

Perfectly suited for this are, for example, workshops, games or even a relaxed meal together, where all participants contribute something to the upcoming work goal and formulate, for example, which goals and wishes are associated with it.

3. to the new perspective thanks to offsite meeting

If you get the feeling that your employees are increasingly losing the joy of what they are doing and that they are only doing their job by the book, you should be alert. Such a mood usually causes performance to deteriorate very quickly and the success of your company is at stake. However, it is possible to turn this low mood back into the opposite by a simple change of perspective and in a simpler way than you might think.

Keep things fresh, have the next meeting out in nature and ask each person to assess the current situation. Or cook together, creating a private setting where everyone can openly express their feelings and concerns.

4. teambuilding finally different

Teambuilding has been in vogue for years, and rightly so, since it can effectively improve cohesion and work attitudes. However, this is exactly where the problem lies at the same time, because most employees have already participated in a classic teambuilding training numerous times. As a result, more and more people come up with excuses not to take part in such an event again.

However, you can change that by providing some much-needed variety. For example, book a climbing park, ensure more shrinkage with sporting activities such as horseback riding or archery, and visit an Escape Room together. Be creative - and you will very quickly see how you can get your employees involved with such events.

5. to new competencies with the help of the Startup Academy

Corporate events are not only a great way to clear employees' heads and have fun, but also a great way to teach them new practical skills. It doesn't matter what kind of skills it is, come up with different puzzles or tasks or create a course that your employees have to master alone, in a team or together. This modern way of training not only teaches everyone, it also strengthens social skills and improves communication skills.

* Malena Riester accompanies companies in expanding their event culture and focusing on using events to present the company more attractively to employees and customers. A good company name includes well thought-out marketing with creative and unusual events. These have a sales-promoting effect and offer a competitive advantage over the competition.

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