Marketing Arena Schaffhausen 2022: "Who does not innovate, dies".

Innovation is an important element of successful corporate management. At the Marketing Arena Schaffhausen 2022, executives and experts demonstrated the importance of strategic innovation management.

Marketing Arena Schaffhausen
(Image: Michael Kessler,

The Marketing Arena Schaffhausen took place for the 12th time on Tuesday. The focus was on innovation management. Claus Martini, CEO of IVF Hartmann, kicked off the topic. In the presentation "Future in the digital environment", Martini gave insights into the innovation process in his company. "Business is not digital, digital is our business," Martini is certain. IVF Hartmann engages in active innovation management and has thus developed new strategies to position itself for the future in a challenging environment. Its strategic levers include growth through an increased rate of innovation and the development of digital business models. For Martini, constantly fostering innovation is vital for companies to survive. "If you don't innovate, you die," says the CEO.

The business activities of Stöckli Swiss Sports are also strongly driven by innovation. Christian Gut, Chief Sales & Marketing Officer, described in his presentation "Innovation as a leitmotif" in an impressive way how innovation is actively lived at Stöckli - from development to production to strategies in sales and marketing. "For us, innovation means being innovative in every channel," explained Gut, adding with a comparison from racing: "If you stand still, you don't reach the finish line."

Three workshops offered practical assistance. Veronika Sallenbach, co-founder of StartHub Schaffhausen, showed how design thinking can be used to successfully create products and services for people that exactly meet their needs. "This is where the design thinking approach hits the mark, because it puts the customer's needs at the center," Sallenbach is convinced.

The second workshop had a playful touch. Oliver Gabor of LEGO Serious Play at Team Accelerator demonstrated how Lego pieces can become building blocks of a successful strategy. "The colored plastic particles connect the left and right hemispheres of the brain, leading to increased brain activity. This results in completely new approaches to solving problems," Gabor emphasized.

Samuel Perret, Head of Innovation and Strategy for Sustainability at Milani D&C, linked the topics of innovation and sustainability in his workshop. "This combination creates exactly the kind of progress we need," Perret said. To this end, he presented some examples and solutions.

In the concluding panel discussion, moderator Stephan Klapproth discussed the afternoon's findings with the speakers. At the end of the event, OC President Stefan Wabel handed over the scepter of the event to new hands after five successful executions: Christine Hug, the new President of Swiss Marketing Schaffhausen, will in future take over the honorary organization of the event together with her board colleagues.

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