Eventfrog and Crossiety team up: More reach for events

The two Swiss start-ups Eventfrog and Crossiety are launching a partnership. The aim is to simplify the publishing of events for associations and small and medium-sized events.

Eventfrog und Crossiety

The collaboration now gives Crossiety users direct access to Switzerland's largest event agenda. Event organizers on Eventfrog profit from the additional reach offered by the Crossiety network of cities and municipalities.

Associations and small and medium-sized event organizers usually have to register events on several platforms in order to achieve the desired reach. In addition, the event platforms charge high fees for ticketing and other services. That's why the two startups Crossiety and Eventfrog, founded in 2016, decided to strategically collaborate. Crossiety's Digital Village Square is the local and trusted platform for communities and cities. Eventfrog is the largest digital event calendar in Switzerland and offers free ticketing to event organizers.

Via a technical interface, events throughout Switzerland and Germany are now transferred from Eventfrog to Crossiety. Crossiety users thus profit from the rich event offering and event organizers can use Eventfrog's free event organization solution. Thanks to Crossiety, they can also reach local audiences in communities and cities in a more targeted manner.

Synergies bring benefits for associations, cities and communities

The town of Rheinfelden, which already works successfully with both platforms, actively supported the implementation of the interface and welcomes the new digital possibilities. According to town clerk Roger Erdin, the collaboration of the two innovative platforms facilitates their use: "By linking our website with the two platforms, we not only increase the reach. The event management will now be completely automated and save a lot of time for the club representatives and organizers.

According to Crossiety CEO Joel Singh, events on the digital village square are in high demand despite the current pandemic: "Thanks to the strategic partnership with Eventfrog, we can now offer our users direct access to the largest event agenda in Switzerland. Singh is convinced that the new service will also appeal to younger target groups in rural regions.

In addition, he sees enormous potential for optimization in the handling of events on the part of municipal and city administrations through the linking of the two platforms.

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