Radio Zürisee becomes host of the new KK Zürisee

With the KK Zürisee, a new event venue is opened in Rapperswil. Radio Zürisee, which is entering into a long-standing partnership with the operator of the Entra event location, is responsible for staging public events.

Radio ZüriseeIn the middle of the city of Rapperswil, a new multifunctional building, the Entra, has been built in recent years. In addition to apartments, offices and retail space, the interior of the building houses the Kultur- und Kongresszentrum Zürichsee. The "KK Zürisee" is a hall in which concerts, corporate events and congresses can be held in the future. With 1,000 seats divided between the stalls and the gallery, as well as comprehensive event technology, events of all kinds can be held in the KK Zürisee in the future.

In the area of public events, the location operator Entra relies on Radio Zürisee. The local partner will be able to sustainably play the KK Zürisee due to its proximity and good contacts to artists from the music and comedy sector, according to a statement. In addition to national artists, international artists and shows will also come to Rapperswil. In the launch phase, between 20 and 30 public events per year are planned.

"The opportunities that arise with KK Zürisee complement our event strategy perfectly," says Matthias Kost, CEO of Radio Zürisee. "We already hold small and exclusive events in our loft. In addition, we are responsible for booking the Seenachtsfest. With KK Zürisee, we are seamlessly expanding our offering so that we can accompany not only big names but also young artists on their career path to the big indoor events."

The first events are already on sale.

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