6 weeks of full Digitaltag program: Switzerland gets fit for the future

There are over 600 free events to choose from across Switzerland between now and Digitaltag on November 10. Citizens can get involved in discussions about digitization, strengthen their digital skills and raise their awareness of digital change processes.

Switzerland's 6th place in the world digital competitiveness ranking of the IMD World Digital Competitiveness Ranking 2021 emphasizes the commitment of the Digitag, as it shows the progress and failures of the digital transformation. It is also against this backdrop that the Upskilling initiative launches today, with over 155,300 employees:in being supported by their employers to get fit for the future during the 6 weeks and on Digital Day. A shortage of 35,800 ICT specialists is forecast by 2028. The potential of women in this field must not go untapped. The herHACK 20.21 Hackathon is not only intended to inspire the 250 women taking part, but also to get women excited about technical professions beyond that.

- Switzerland remains one of the most digitally competitive countries in the world. The "Digital Competitiveness Ranking" report published today by the World Competitiveness Center of the Institute for Management Development (IMD) shows that Switzerland has maintained its 6th place among 64 countries. Among other things, Switzerland is perceived by the global business community to be at the top because it attracts highly skilled foreign talent and employs internationally experienced managers. It is also one of the few countries in the world to score full marks on IMD's Credit Rating Index, which combines ratings and forecasts from Fitch, Moody's and S&P.

Arturo Bris, Director of IMD's World Competitiveness Center, says: "Switzerland's digital transformation is underway and has profound implications for national prosperity and growing prosperity. Its success depends heavily on the public's trust in the social and institutional leaders driving this process. This study is part of our efforts to promote a broader understanding and a qualitatively improved public debate."

Europe-wide Digital Days

In addition to Switzerland (10.11), Digitaltage will also take place in Sweden (15.10), Serbia, Ukraine (28.-29.10), Poland (1.-10.10), Liechtenstein (6. 11), Vienna (18.-19.10) and Italy (10.-13.11). digitalswitzerland has inspired these countries and cities to also hold a national Digitaltag. The alliance, which was founded last year, is already following up its joint declaration of intent with action. All parts of the European community are to jointly master the opportunities and challenges of the digital transformation with a strengthened decision-making and action capacity.

Marc Walder, founder of digitalswitzerland: "The overarching goal of the European alliance launched by Digitaltag Schweiz is a Europe in which digitization plays a decisive role. It aims to engage the public in discourse on digital issues across countries, strengthen digital skills, promote digital affinity across Europe, and build a skilled workforce of the future."

155,300 employees strengthen their digital skills

The world of work is subject to constant change, and today's employees never stop learning. Knowledge and professional skills must be continuously expanded throughout a career. This attitude has gained additional importance with digitization. As part of Swiss Digitaltag, 44 organizations have committed to providing between 1 and 4 hours of continuing education time for all or a select group of employees.

Patrick Warnking, Country Director of Google Switzerland: "Opportunities and urgency for digitization have increased massively due to the pandemic. The priority is responsibility for people and their well-being. Technology helps with new tools for better collaboration and communication. This has increased the need for new talent and training. The offerings around Digitaltag provide a variety of options."

herHACK 20.21 - A hackathon by and for women  

Promoting women in technical professions is also an increasingly relevant topic for Switzerland. Talent in particular plays an important role in ensuring that Switzerland remains at the forefront as a leading digital innovation location. The Digitaltag Hackathon herHACK 20.21, realized with Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Cognizant, is committed to promoting women in tech professions. With 250 women, the largest women's hackathon in Switzerland will take place in early November. In 36 hours, a sustainability idea related to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) of the UN Agenda 2030 will be implemented.

An overview of all face-to-face and online events during the 6 weeks leading up to Digitaltag can be found at digitaltag.swiss to find. The events are all free of charge, registration is usually required.

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