Multimedia communication hub in eastern Switzerland

Hangar29, the hub for multimedia communication in eastern Switzerland, was launched in spring 2021.

The Hangar29 team in the huge green screen room.

In the Tubi-Areal Bischofszell, a community - in the form of an entrepreneurial eco-system - has been lived since spring 2021. In Hangar29, seasoned entrepreneurs join young entrepreneurs - seniority and innovative young entrepreneurship unite in one place.

Hangar29 brings together professional and highly motivated companies with expertise in the fields of communication, multimedia, video production and virtual reality. The makers of Hangar29 are Samuel De Cataldo, Bo Slatzky, Moritz Schmid, Claudio De Cataldo and Maurizio Tondolo, who are each actively represented with their companies and their teams in the "Tubi-Areal Bischofszell" and together conceive, create and realize multimedia projects in Hangar29. Together, professional and trendy productions are to be offered, this with charisma far beyond the borders of the Thurgau.

On Air: Book launch at Hangar29.

Virtuality and reality merge into innovation

The two Hanger29 studios cover a total area of 400 square meters. Worth mentioning here is the approximately 100 square meter green screen environment. This can be used to visualize any and virtual 3D backgrounds. Whether for an online event, a (commercial) film shoot, a panel event, a concert - it may and must even be thought in new dimensions.

With four autonomous tracking systems, cameras and 3D backgrounds move completely in sync with each other. The green studio background remains static and physical - the virtual image in the background changes instantly, depending on the camera movement. Hangar29 can also fade in virtual objects using the aforementioned technology.

The second studio is a conventional as well as physical facility, which is suitable for both traditional discussion rounds and simple video productions or product presentations.

The Hangar29 team accompanies its customers step by step from the creative-disruptive brainstorming to the ready-for-distribution production. From catchy text and effective images to intoxicating sound and gripping light - everything is available from a single source in and out of the Eco-System.

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