The Circle Convention is one of the largest event centres in Switzerland

The Hyatt-managed The Circle Convention Center in the new quarter at Zurich Airport, which opened in the spring, is suitable for major events and meetings as well as galas, trade fairs and product launches.

Convention Hall at The Circle.

The Circle Convention Center, comprises over 2,800 square meters of flexible meeting and event space and has direct access to the Hyatt Regency Zurich Airport The Circle. With the opening of The Circle Convention Center, Zurich Airport aims to further strengthen its function as a place for meeting and exchange.

The Convention Hall, with an area of around 1,500 square metres and a ceiling height of 13 metres, can be divided into three parts of around 500 square metres each. The sloping walls give the hall a futuristic flair and the natural daylight streaming down through the glass roof creates a special atmosphere for events here.

In addition to the Convention Hall, The Circle Convention Center offers 17 event rooms with areas ranging from 30 to 290 square meters. All have plenty of daylight and, through floor-to-ceiling windows, a wonderful view of the park, the main square and the alleys of the Circle or Zurich Airport. All rooms are equipped with the latest technology. The adjoining Hyatt Recency Zurich Airport The Circle also offers catering options for up to 2,500 people.

Streaming from the Convention Center

In addition to conference facilities, the Convention Center also offers a virtual TV studio equipped with the latest technologies. The studio is technically provided and managed by the company Encore Global. Both online and hybrid events are conceivable. The offer is particularly suitable for companies that have switched to virtual or hybrid due to the pandemic.

Sustainable and energy-saving

The Minergie-certified Circle building represents a condensed construction method. A usable area of 180,000 square meters was created on an area of just over 30,000 square meters. Heating and cooling are supplied via energy piles using the earth as a reservoir, and the demand for energy and water is greatly reduced through recovery. Another natural energy source is the photovoltaic system on the building roofs.

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